Omura, Japan



The city of Ōmura, with the population of 92,000,  located in Nagasaki Prefecture, is about two hours southwest of Tokyo by air and 23 miles north of Nagasaki City.   With Nagasaki Airport located within the city boundary, Ōmura serves as a bedroom community for Nagasaki and Sasebo Cities.  Ōmura, a castle town of 1,000-year history, is known for its influence from an early European culture, beautiful city landscape and a variety of colorful flowers.

 1582, Japan’s first Christian samurai lord, Sumitada Omura sent a Christian Envoy, including 4 boys, to Rome.  At that time, the majority of Ōmura townsmen were said to be Christians.

Omura, Japan

Omura, Japan

Ōmura’s natural landscape, comprised of perennial green mountains, blue lakes, and water-gushing gorges, is enjoyed by many campers. Cherry blossoms and irises in the spring, cosmos in the fall and strawberry picking in the winter attract lots of tourists.

 Its modern day economy includes refractory brick manufacturing, dairy and poultry farming, and cultured pearls.  With steadily increases in its population and leveraging its air and ground transportation facilities, Ōmura has been focusing on attracting high tech industries and universities.

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